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Find inspiration from wedding essentials, vintage fashion, home and garden, outdoor adventure equipment... the list is endless!

Vintage fashion

Whatever your style, vintage fashion has it for you!

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Weddings cost so much money, but why? You can buy everything you need second-hand!
Search second-hand weddings.

How to get the best search results out of Used and Loved

Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Add as much detail as you want to the search bar (e.g. size, colour, style), add your postcode to see items local to you, AND items that are nationally available with postage! You can't even do that on eBay!!
  • Use the filters to also filter by price and distance etc.
  • To compare items, create a profile/sign in, go to your profile and create a list (e.g. 'Mum's bday'), then start adding items to it.
  • You can make as many lists as you want, and you can make them public if you want to share it!
  • The possibilities are endless!

Which second-hand websites does Used and Loved search?

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"Well done 👏 Love to see your journey. Used and Loved is a great tool and has made it easier for me to search for things 😊 I’m always looking for ways to save time and effort with a busy mumlife! ❤️"
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Mum of three
"Your website is brilliant, I was about to buy a stupidly expensive coffee machine, but I have just used your website and saved £150. So thank you. "
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Fraser Frost-Pennington
Operations Manager, Boox


To make sure your babies first footprints aren't carbon heavy ones, buy second-hand where you can. Browse all second-hand baby and toddler.

Our story

When we had children, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, to try and help save the planet, for their futures.

From then on we tried to buy everything we could secondhand. It was so much harder than we thought it should be, so we thought of a solution to make it easier for everyone.

To save searching on all the different secondhand sites, Used and Loved brings them all together.

Now you can see all the results in one place!

Read about our story and follow our blog to take your secondhand shopping to the next level.

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Living room

Create your own calming and restful or bright and high energy living room that will spark joy for you everyday, with everything second-hand.

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And, making our own news



When you buy kitchen items second-hand, you can get the best bang for your buck.

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Used tech

What is the best second-hand tech to buy in 2022? These saved searches should give you a bit of a taster.

We are all about


Staycation coming up? The second-hand market has all the camping and active gear you need.

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