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We’re making second-hand shopping easier and more fun for everyone.

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Nice to meet you

We’re Davey and Jess, and we’ve made the same realisation as millions of other people: we don’t buy used as much as we want to because it’s so hard to find what we need. 

The second hand marketplace is difficult to navigate and we’ve decided to do something about it - meet Used and Loved, where all the second-hand websites can be found in one place!

There’s a whole world of second-hand laying undiscovered right under our noses, so don’t hesitate to explore - search for the second-hand pieces you’ve been looking for, get inspiration from our suggested searches and stay tuned for exciting new features!

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What do we do?

Used and Loved is the website that organises the second-hand web into one simple to search place. So far we have nine websites, but have many more to come. Watch this space!!

  • No more time-consuming web trawling.
  • No more thousand-tab browsers.
  • No more getting stuck for ideas of what to buy second-hand.
  • No more waste.

The Amazon and Pinterest for second-hand shopping.

Not only are we making the search itself easier, but we are also working on making discovery and inspiration the forefront of how you shop second-hand.

You have all the second-hand sites that you love at your fingertips, and suggestions of what to buy for all areas of your life with; user-generated content; stylist best buys; and, niche expert guidance.

We are making buying used easier for you.

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"Well done 👏 Love to see your journey. Used and Loved is a great tool and has made it easier for me to search for things 😊 I’m always looking for ways to save time and effort with a busy mumlife! ❤️"
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Mum of three
"Your website is brilliant, I was about to buy a stupidly expensive coffee machine, but I have just used your website and saved £150. So thank you. "
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Fraser Frost-Pennington
Operations Manager, Boox
"Great website that is easy to navigate. It has made finding preloved items so easy!"
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Ashleigh Wilkinson
Google review
"A spectacular website idea. Has tonnes of stores implemented into it. I buy a lot of second hand stuff, especially games and DVD's so I always go through used and loved. That way I always find the best price."
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Charlie Schofield

Our story

When we had children, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, to try and help save the planet, for their futures.

From then on we tried to buy everything we could second-hand. It was so much harder than we thought it should be, so we thought of a solution to make it easier for everyone.

To save searching on all the different second-hand sites, Used and Loved brings them all together.

Now you can see all the results in one place!

Read about our story and follow our blog to take your second-hand shopping to the next level.

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And, making our own news

We are all about

We are blogging our journey because…

We've been living a second-hand life since we decided to have children, we know what makes it challenging, we know why people still buy most things new, and we understand. So we want to share ways to help choosing used over new, easier.

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ’s

Not sure how our site works? Not sure what difference buying used really makes? Not sure why we only list second-hand items? Not sure how borrowing works? Do people really give good things away for free (sneak peak: yes!)? We have all the answers to these, and more...

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