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10 Second-Hand Christmas Gifts for Dads 2022

Written by Niamh


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Finding fantastic second-hand Christmas gifts for Dads can be quite challenging. Paternal gifts should be a little more sophisticated than those intended for the everyman because Dad’s are at this more mature point in life where expensive gifts don’t really matter to them.

But not to worry, this year, your second-hand Christmas shopping will be less stressful because we have done the research and selected our top choices which can all be found on our website.

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Do you need to shop for Christmas presents this year on a tight budget?

Take into account your financial savings, the suggested retail price, and the price distinction between new and used things. You'll have additional money this Christmas to spend on other things.

Avoid stress at the last minute by starting your used Christmas shopping early. You'll need time to find the ideal presents for your loved ones.

Here is our pick of the top Christmas presents to spend for your Dad in 2022:

Here's our selection of the best second-hand Christmas gifts for Dads in 2022


Dads love to have a watch on their wrist, especially as phones will just not do it for them. They love being simple, so a nice watch will be a staple piece for them to have. 

Price new ~ £200 Used save ~ 50%

Moccasin slippers

Every Dad owns a pair of slippers, they're just so cosy and comfortable. Dad’s are not really into the latest trainers, they just want to feel comfortable, and so the perfect gift idea would be a pair of slippers.

Price new ~ £25 Used save £10


A wallet is a key gift idea to give to your Dad. Every year you see a rip in their wallet, and we don’t want that since holes in their wallet could mean that money could slip off. So, a nice wallet is a good idea to get your Dad during the time of Christmas.

Price new ~ £23 Used save ~ 50%

Coffee machine

If your Dad loves a nice coffee in the morning, therefore, a nice coffee machine is the best gift idea to give him because the machine makes the coffee itself without much effort. 

Price new ~ £99 Used save £60

Football top

For the football loving Dads... A nice football jersey would make their year because that's what they will be using to watch football games and even going to football matches. 

Price new ~ £39 Used save ~ 50%

Meat thermometer

Does your dad love cooking the family a feast? For those meat eaters, getting the temperature right could mean going from tough as old boots, to melt in the mouth!

Price new ~ £20 Used save ~ 50%

Kettle bells

There's no time like the present to get into shape, and if you dad is on that journey, he will love this new addition. It doesn't take up a lot of space, but helps build strength like no other.

Price new ~ £40 Used save £20

Star Wars key ring

A nice keychain is always a good gift idea for a Dad. If you Dad loves Star Wars, then you can't go wrong with this second-hand Christmas gift!

Price new ~ £10 Used save £5


Does your Dad have more time on his hands now you're old enough to buy him presents? Maybe he's turned his attention to his garden? A good quality second-hand pair of secateurs will make a great difference to how enjoyable that time in the garden will be!

Price new ~ £35 Used save £20

Bottle opener

A Dad will always need a bottle opener, especially as most beers and other alcoholic drinks require a bottle opener. So, he simply won’t be able to drink without this bottle opener. So, this is an important gift to give your Dad. 

Price new ~ £6 Used save ~ 50%

What is the best second-hand Christmas gift to buy your Dad?

Simplicity is key when buying something for your Dad. Dad’s don’t want you buying something expensive and when you do they get easily annoyed. So, buying them something practical like a wallet or a beer glass will gain their appreciation much more because they will be using those things daily rather than something that is expensive to which they won’t be using much. 

Should I get my Dad a second-hand Christmas gift?

They won't be able to distinguish between a new and used item, particularly when the majority of used things are of high quality. You won't spend as much money on brand-new products, which is another benefit. It's usually a good idea to buy used because remembering to buy for the entire family at Christmas may get expensive.

What should I buy my Dad for Christmas?

Get him something that is simple and not too over the top. A nice football jersey is a good gift idea because they can wear it to football matches or even watch the football match at home in front of their TV. 

Or if you want to get him something practical then get him a nice wallet so he won’t lose any of his belongings. 

How do I spoil my Dad on a budget?

Consider the similarities you both have and something that you both enjoy. It could be that you both love football, so you both go and watch a football game together. Or it could even be that you go to the park and play some football together. 

Being together is special because it allows you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

When should I begin second-hand Christmas shopping?

If you want to maximise your shopping time without rushing, get started as soon as you can. Don't put it off until the last moment.

Is it a good idea to get Christmas presents during Black Friday?

Second-hand is your black Friday deals, every day! There’s no need to buy new when you can find everything you need pre-owned. 

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