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14 Second-hand Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys 2022

Written by Niamh


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We have gathered our top picks of the best second-hand Christmas gifts for teenage boys. Yes, teenagers can be tricky to know what to buy for, but at the same time, they can be the best! You can re-live your youth by remembering all the kind of things you used to enjoy at that age, and add a 2022 spin on it!

Click to see every second-hand results from all currently available sources, including Vinted, Oxfam, eBay, and many more.

Whether you're looking for gifts including a speaker, headphones, PlayStation; it’s all here.

Do you need to shop for Christmas presents this year on a tight budget?

Want to cut your Christmas shopping expenses this year? Take into account your savings, the RRP price, and the cost difference between new and used items, you'll have extra money left over to spend on other things this holiday season!

Remember to start your second hand Christmas shopping as soon as possible to avoid the last minute dash, which is a lot harder second-hand than it is new! waiting until the last minute.

Here is our pick of the top second-hand Christmas presents for teenage boys in 2022


Teenage boys love music, especially when they are with their friends they love listening to their music loud. So, a perfect gift would to give them a speaker.

Price new ~ £40 Used save ~ £10


A cap is a nice accessory for teenage boys, especially when they are going out with their friends on the weekend. If they are into fashion and streetwear, then a cap is the perfect gift for them. 

Price new ~ £20 Used save ~ 50%


A beanie is a nice accessory for boys to wear, especially during the winter season where it gets so cold. A beanie goes well with every outfit!

Price new ~ £20 Used save ~ 50%

Moschino t-shirt

Is your teenage boy into designer threads? Then he will love looking fully on fleek with a new designer tee!

Price new ~ £140 Used save £100

Noise cancelling headphones

Maybe your teenage son need some headphones to block out the sound of their brothers or sister while they study, or maybe they just love listing to their favourite thrash meta band, but no one else wants to hear that... noise cancelling headphones are your answer!

Price new ~ £250 Used save £120

PlayStation games

Teenage boys love playing on their PlayStation straight after school. So, a new set of PlayStation games would make them very excited.

Price new ~ £50 Used save £40

Changing robe

Once they have the changing robe, all they need is the sea or a river, and they can spend their day's adrenaline seeking! Surfing, kayaking, canyoning, the water is their oyster; now they can change comfortably before and after!

Price new ~ £80 Used save ~ 50%

Superdry belt

A belt is another great accessory that is useful for every teenage boy. A belt can be used with their school uniform and it can also be used when they are going out with friends too.

Price new ~ £30 Used save ~ 30%

Zip hoodie

A hoodie is so comfortable to wear and is something that keeps you warm, especially during the winter period. A hoodie can be worn to school and to go out, therefore it is very versatile and will have great use out of it.

Price new ~ £40 Used save ~ 70%


I personally don't understand sliders, but, I'm not a teenage boy, and they love them, so who am I to judge!

Price new ~ £30 Used save ~ 50%


Unlock their creativity and imagination with the GoPro, encourage them to go to new places, see amazing sites and do adventurous activities, everything you get with the GoPro!

Price new ~ £400 Used save £300

Electric toothbrush

If you love your teenage boy, you will want them to understand how important looking after their teeth are. Once you use an electric toothbrush, you can't go back, your teeth just don't feel as clean with a normal brush anymore. Give them the gift of wanting to have cleaner teeth!

Price new ~ £99 Used save £70

Gamers headset

Being a gamer, and being able to fully zone into the game without having to worry about whether your game mates can hear you because of the rubbish microphone you had been using, to going to a slick gamers headset, is a joy, only games truly understand. He will really love this gift!

Price new ~ £49 Used save £35

What is the best second-hand Christmas gift to buy a teenage boy?

Something trendy, especially as most teenage boys love keeping up with the latest trends. A nice beanie or hoodie would be a good gift idea, especially as streetwear is very popular amongst teenage boys. Or they are gamers, then a new set of PlayStation games would be a great gift idea.

Should I get my teenage son a second-hand Christmas gift?

Yes, she will never know the difference between a new and used item, especially as most used goods are of good quality. It also means that you will save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent when buying new. Remember Christmas is an expensive holiday as you’re buying for a whole family, so buying second-hand is always a good idea.

How do I spoil my son on a budget?

If you want to spoil your son on a budget then just make sure to add that personal touch.

Make sure you know what they like - if they like to be outgoing then a hike would be a good idea to spend some time together.

When should I begin second-hand Christmas shopping?

If you don't want to rush, start as soon as possible to make the most of your shopping time. Don't wait until the last minute.

Is it a good idea to get Christmas presents during Black Friday?

Second-hand is your black Friday deals, every day! There’s no need to buy new when you can find everything you need pre-owned. 

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