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27 of the Best Second-hand Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls 2022

Written by Niamh


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When it comes to buying second-hand Christmas gifts for teenage girls, they are a bit of a mystery. They may be guilty of rejecting everything and returning it, but if you pay attention to their preferences and interests (even if they appear to change frequently), you may be pleasantly surprised. 

  • Polaroid camera
  • Jewellery case
  • Converse
  • Fluffy cushion
  • Dress
  • Jewellery
  • Bobi Brown makeup
  • Fairy lights
  • Mean girls book
  • Hairdryer
  • Dog outfit
  • Straighteners
  • Galaxy projector
  • Mini fridge
  • Letter board
  • Suitcase
  • Alarm clock
  • Jumper
  • Lap desk
  • Shoulder bag
  • Waffle maker
  • Scrunchie
  • UGG boots
  • Makeup brushes
  • Pyjamas
  • Nail varnish

The best presents for teenage females are typically cute, trendy, and cool (obviously), but if you're stuck, don’t worry because we’ve done the research and gathered our top picks that are available on Used and Loved.

Click to view all the results from eBay, Oxfam, Vinted, and many other websites listing second-hand items, ready for you to buy this Christmas.

Whether you're looking for gifts including jewellery, makeup, a polaroid camera and fairy lights; it’s all here. 

Do you need to shop for Christmas presents this year on a tight budget?

Want to cut your Christmas shopping expenses this year? Take into account your savings, the RRP price, and the cost difference between new and used items, you'll have extra money left over to spend on other things this holiday season!

Remember to start your second hand Christmas shopping as soon as possible to avoid the last minute dash, which is a lot harder second-hand than it is new!

Here is our pick of the top second-hand Christmas gifts for teenage girls in 2022

Instant camera

Polaroids have now become so trendy among teenage girls as they want to catch on to this vintage and retro look that has been trending so far.

This gift is perfect for teenage girls since they can grasp every memory on camera, and these photos will be with them forever. So, in a way, this gift idea isn’t just a simple present, but it is a thoughtful gift that your teenage girl will forever value, especially in the future when she looks back at these pictures.

Price new ~ £129 Used save £60

Jewellery case

A jewellery case is a great gift for a teenage girl. It’s hard being a teenage girl and being organised at the same time, so a jewellery case is a smart gift idea as it prevents your teenage daughter from losing any expensive or important jewellery. What better second-hand Christmas gifts for a teenage girl.

Price new ~ £35 Used save £30


Converse are the best gift to give a teenage girl because they never go out of trend and they’re the most comfortable shoes to wear for any activity. Converses also work with every outfit, whether it be with a dress or jeans or a skirt, they are just so versatile. So, you can never go wrong with a pair of converse.

Price new ~ £60 Used save £30

Fluffy cushion

Teenage girls start needing a few extra comforts as everything starts to change for them. They are more and more independent and want to have their own space where they can talk with their friends, write in their diaries and cry over the boy they like. So a soft fluffy cushion is the perfect Christmas gift for all of those times.

Price new ~ £12 Used save £7

Teen dress

Christmas is party season, so if your teenage girl has somewhere nice to go, why not treat her to a dress for the occasion? She can feel really special and start feeling really grown up now she’s moving away from the more childish clothes she used to wear. You might be sad that you’re losing your little girl, but you will love to see the woman she grows into!

Price new ~ £30 Used save ~ 50%


The same as above, your little girl is growing up so why not find her a piece of jewellery to treasure forever and mark the change in person? She will continue to develop her own style, but you can’t go wrong with a classic timeless piece like a thin silver necklace with a pretty pendant, or a ring to give her a sense of adultness.

Price new ~ £33 Used save 30%

Bobi Brown makeup

Not all girls wear make-up, but if it’s a route she wants to go down, treating her to a high-quality brand of makeup at a younger age will help her learn that quality matters. The ingredients will be better for her skin, which will lead to less need for makeup in the long run.

Price new ~ £35 Used save £20

Fairy lights

Teenage girls love decorating their room, or if they don’t then usually teenage girls have a messy room and so placing fairy lights will partially make their room much more presentable because the fairy lights will divert the attention away from the mess.

Price new ~ £10 Used save ~ 50%

Mean girls book

It is such a confusing time being a teenager, so reading books is a great way to learn about life's new complexities. And for escapism, being a teenager can be really stressful. Finding books that your teenage girl loves to read will encourage her to continue reading for the rest of her life, and the more she reads, the more she will learn about everything.

Price new ~ £10 Used save ~ 50%


Is your teenage daughter experimenting with hairstyles? Maybe she wants to learn new techniques and looks, so a hairdryer can create the best ones. 

Price new ~ £50 Used save ~ 60%

Dog outfit

If you have a dog, and it’s your teenage daughter’s best friend, she will love to get an outfit to dress the dog up in! It could be a funny dog outfit, or just a nice cosy one to keep them warm on the cold winter walks. Either way, every teenage girl will be happy seeing her dog all dressed up this Christmas.

Price new ~ £18 Used save ~ 50%

Hair straighteners

Since hair is the temple of every girl's body, straighteners are the finest tool for helping teenage girls achieve this phase in which they simply want to make themselves look pretty and presentable. A hair straightener is also practical for every teenage girl since they can use it in the mornings before going to school.

The perfect second-hand Christmas gifts for a teenage girl.

Price new ~ £119 Used save £60

Galaxy projector

The imagination of teenage girls is incredible. They can travel to far-off worlds, so you can help them experience the journey and the wonder of the universe. Magical!

Price new ~ £35 Used save £15

Mini fridge

Is she beauty-obsessed? Then she would appreciate having a small personal beauty fridge for all her favourite items because she will know that the best location to store nail paints, lipsticks, serums, and creams is in the refrigerator. If not, then a nice cold drink while studying is a lovely treat too.

Price new ~ £50 Used save £20

Letter board

An essential piece of kit to be able to mark or announce special occasions. When buying second-hand, just make sure to read the description to see if it contains all the letters. 

Price new ~ £15 Used save £5


Does your daughter have dreams of exploring the world, one holiday at a time? Then maybe a suitcase can help give her that sense of freedom you get when you travel. She will know what she wants to pack so why not give her a new-to-her case for her adventures in the next few years?

There might not be many holidays you go on as a family once she starts going away with her friends, so make the memories while you can. And holidaying doesn’t need to be abroad, there are plenty of beautiful spots in the UK to explore, so start planning your next trip this Christmas!

Price new ~ £60 Used save ~ 50%

Alarm clock

Your teenage daughter will have needed to get herself up for school for a while now, but maybe she still relies on the hustle and bustle of the family getting up to wake up. Once she has her own alarm clock, she can wake up on her own terms, and who knows, maybe it will help reduce the morning grumps at the bathroom door!

Price new ~ £28 Used save £20


There are still a few cold months after Christmas, so a nice warm jumper to keep your teenage daughter cosy, and stylish will be a great gift. She can still go out and see her friends and not catch a cold!

Price new ~ £26 Used save £20

Lap desk

Now the school work will be ramping up, and life seems to be almost completely online for some, being able to access it all from the comfort of your own bed, without breaking your laptop from it overheating, is an awesome gift to give this Christmas! 

Price new ~ £46 Used save ~ 50%

Shoulder bag

A shoulder bag is a necessary item for a teenage girl as when they are going out they need somewhere to put their phone, card, money and even their lip gloss. Without a shoulder bag, they would just be losing everything. So, not only are shoulder bags cute and trendy at the moment, they are useful in many ways.

Price new ~ £40 Used save ~ 50%

Waffle maker

I don’t know about you, but I remember having a super sweet tooth when I was a teenager (I still do actually), and waffles were one of my favourite things. Being able to produce something so delicious, so easily, at home, is something most teenage girls would really enjoy. Maybe you can even get a yummy breakfast in bed out of it!

Price new ~ £23 Used save £10


The scrunchie is back! Where did it go for all those years? Who knows. But our hair is loving it being back on the scene. No more snagging and painful knots! And there are so many colours and styles to go for, scrunchies are a great addition to any outfit! 

Price new ~ £10 Used save ~ 50%

UGG boots

Your teen would love a cosy pair of UGGs since they are making a major comeback (the return of Y2K fashion trends has begun). UGG boots are just too pricey nowadays, they’re reaching the £200 mark. So, buying a pair of second-hand UGG boots that are practically new is just so much more worth it as you won't ever have to pay even half that price.

Price new ~ £125 Used save £70

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are the perfect gift idea for a teenage girl. Using old brushes can be bad for the skin if not properly cleaned, especially for a teenage girl who has much more sensitive skin and whose skin goes through so much during that stage of life. So make sure to buy second-hand makeup brushes that are unused or have been properly looked after.

Price new ~ £25 Used save ~ 50%


Pyjamas have to be one of the greatest gifts to give your teenage girl. They firstly are the most comfortable clothes that anyone can wear, and since teenage girls adore sleepovers, they will undoubtedly be put to good use. Try to find some that are unused or barely worn to be the most hygienic.

Price new ~ £28 Used save ~ 50%

Nail varnish

Nail varnish is an easy form of expression, black for the darker days, pink for the fluffy days, and everything in between. Nail varnish is a tricky one to buy second-hand (the same as make-up) as it can carry bacteria, so check if they have been used or not before buying. 

Price new ~ £14 Used save £10

What is the best second-hand Christmas gift to buy a teenage girl?

Something cute and trendy, especially as most teenage girls love keeping up with the latest trends. The 2000’s trends are now becoming much more popular among teenage girls at the moment, so that would be a great starting point.

Is a teddy bear a good idea to get a teenage girl for Christmas?

I think it wouldn’t be the best decision since teenage girls would associate a teddy bear with a kid's toy, they would prefer something that reflects current trends like a nice shoulder bag or a makeup bag. 

But some teenage girls might find a teddy bear to be a cute gift, in that case, if you are certain that they would love a cuddly bear then go for it. 

Should I get my teenage daughter a second-hand Christmas gift?

Yes, most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference between a new and used item. And it’s a great lesson to teach your kids, as the world doesn’t have enough resources to make everything new again and again, so if we can teach the new generations to care, reuse and mend their items, the world will be in a better place for their future. 

What should I buy a teenage girl for Christmas?

Get her something that you know she is going to love - let it reflect her style. If she is keeping up with the trends then go for something like a vintage shoulder bag or a polaroid camera. 

If she is someone that loves to be organised then get her a jewellery box case or a makeup bag or even a mini fridge. 

If she is someone that loves to be aesthetic and cool then get her a pair of scrunchies or some UGG boots or even a waffle maker - I’m sure she will have so many great aesthetic photos to put on her Instagram! 

How do I spoil my daughter on a budget?

If you want to spoil your daughter on a budget then second-hand is the perfect answer. You can buy such better quality items at such a more affordable price.

Or how about an activity together? You could take her to a concert, buy her favourite movie or even simply by cooking together. 

When should I begin second-hand Christmas shopping?

If you don't want to rush, start making the most of your shopping time as soon as possible. Don't wait until the last minute.

Is it a good idea to get Christmas presents during Black Friday?

Second-hand is your black Friday deals, every day! There’s no need to buy new when you can find everything you need pre-owned. 

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