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Summer 2023 Fashion Trends: Nostalgic and Sustainable Styles

Written by Evie


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As the summer season approaches, it brings forth a fresh wave of summer 2023 fashion trends that celebrate nostalgia and sustainability.

This year, we're witnessing a revival of beloved styles from the past, providing an excellent opportunity to explore vintage and second hand fashion and make eco-conscious choices.

From gingham prints to ballet flats and low-rise jeans, these trends offer versatility and longevity in your wardrobe, making them a perfect investment for seasons to come.

Summer 2023 style: Gingham Prints

Gingham prints, reminiscent of summer school days, are making a strong comeback. TEST

Whether it's blue, black, red, or pink, gingham can be found adorning trousers, tops, bags, and even bikinis.

Don't be afraid to double up on gingham pieces to make a statement, or pair print outfits with heels for a more dressed-up look.

For a nostalgic summer aesthetic, style gingham dresses with trainers and slouchy crew socks.

Alternatively, combine a gingham cami top with a black mini skirt and knee-high heels for a chic ensemble.

Try searching for gingham dresses, vintage gingham, gingham bag and gingham top.

Summer 2023 trend: ballet flats and kitten heels

Ballet flats and kitten heels are reclaiming their popularity, thanks to influencers and brands revitalising the basic.

Influencers like Matilda Djerf and Devon Lee Carlson, as well as brands like Miu Miu, have contributed to the resurgence of ballet flats as a summer 2023 trend.

This trend can be easily found second-hand shopping, making it an affordable style to try out.

Ballet flats are typically being styled in two ways: an elegant, 90s-inspired off-duty-model look, or paired with low-rise jeans allowing the pointed toe of the shoe to peek out.

Ballet flats with hardware, such as buckles and grommets, add a touch of edginess to the feminine shoe.

Try searching for buckle ballet flats, ballet flats with straps and pointed toe ballet flats.

Summer trend: low rise wide leg

Despite the controversy surrounding them, low-rise "hip-hugger" jeans are making a comeback in 2023 styles.

These jeans, loved by fashion icons like Jimi Hendrix and Mariah Carey, are now back in full swing.

The trend often takes the form of wide-leg, baggy jeans that almost touch the floor, aiming for effortless and comfortable coolness.

For those who prefer a more wearable option, mid-rise jeans with the same wide leg are a good alternative. 

Vintage denim or fabric trousers can be found by searching for terms like "low-rise wide leg," "baggy Y2K denim," or "mid-rise boyfriend jeans."

Summer 2023 Style: long shorts and capris:

Continuing the nostalgic theme, both baggy shorts and slimmer capris are back in style.

These baggy shorts, hitting just above or below the knees, were popular in the late 2000s.

Jorts come in various forms, from denim for a casual look to cargo shorts or camo patterns.

With so many styling options, you can pair jorts with cowboy boots or even heels.

For a more classic, feminine silhouette look for capris that hit at upper shin level, and pair with and off the shoulder top and kitten heels to elongate the leg.

To find the perfect pair of jorts, search for terms like "jorts," "carpenter shorts," or "baggy shorts" 

For Capris search “capris” “low rise capris” “¾ length trousers”


The resurgence of vintage fashion trends in summer 2023 provides a great opportunity to explore second-hand shopping and make sustainable choices.

These trends allow you to embrace nostalgia while expressing your personal style.

By choosing second-hand items, you can experiment with these trends without straining your budget.

Let your summer wardrobe shine by incorporating these nostalgic and eco-conscious styles, making a statement while minimising your environmental impact!

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